We’re excited by our partnerships with New Zealand orchardists, growers and selected overseas producers. What we look for is always the same - exceptional quality, reliable supply and great flavours. We know that superb tasting produce in prime condition is a great way for our customers to keep their own customers coming back.
We have a strong reputation in greens – particularly asparagus, brassicas, celery, spring onions, courgettes and beans – and we also excel in the supply of more exotic varieties, from artichokes to zucchini. Our marketers provide category management to ensure we can deliver quality and value throughout the year, right across the range.
Innovation is a continual driver for our Fresh Direct team. We were the first to make speciality vegetables available to the wider consumer – including Asian vegetables, baby vegetables, artichokes, fennel, snowpeas and sugar snaps, among others. We continue our commitment to breakthrough ideas that inspire new market trends.
Fruit is another Fresh Direct strong suit. We offer exceptional citrus lines and subtropicals like avocados, feijoas, tamarillos and persimmons, along with delicious pipfruit, berryfruit, summer fruit, and more.
Our comprehensive import programme ensures mouthwatering exotic lines like mangoes, paw paw, Californian dates, Californian grapes, and Thai fruit such as longans, lychees and mangoesteens are available to New Zealand customers.



Where does your produce come from?

We have an extensive network of growers in the best growing regions of New Zealand, who supply each of our branches according to proximity.

Are your growers GAP certified?

Most are. We work closely with those who are not yet GAP certified due to language barriers, to help them achieve this this important step.

Do you offer year-round supply?

Yes. We supplement New Zealand’s production with imported produce during the low season. From North American apples to Australian zucchini, our import programme ensures New Zealanders can get their fruit and vege “5 plus a day”, everyday.

What are your hours of operation?

Click here to find out our individual locations operating hours. 

I am a grower and would like to start supplying you. What shall I do?

We’d love to hear from you! Please give Simon Tallon a call: +64 21 242 2255