We believe in the long term benefits of organic production and therefore encourage our growers to switch to organic growing methods whenever possible. Produce that’s grown in healthy soil  free of synthetic residues and fertilizer is increasingly popular with consumers, so we work hard to ensure we have the best certified organic range available in NZ.

‘Purefresh Organic’ is Fresh Direct’s own brand of certified organic fruit and vegetables and NZ’s key organic wholesale distributor. By making a real commitment to marketing organic production we aim to give growers a sustainable return for their produce, and customers a distinct competitive edge through variety and continuity of supply.

Most of our growers are small to medium-sized producers who are passionate about the fact that  the way they grow their produce is actively contributing to the wellbeing of our land, water, and families. They believe that working with nature is more rewarding in every way – and enhances produce taste and quality. Now consumers are realising the same and they are increasingly opting to put organic fruit and vegetables in their basket as it becomes more widely available across all food retail outlets.

Purefresh Organic became a certified Biogro distributor in 2000 . By becoming certified organic distributors, Purefresh Organic is doing its bit to ensure that the credibility of the organic industry remains unchallenged and that consumers can trust they are eating the  genuine article. For more information about Purefresh Organic please visit


Is your produce certified organic?

All our growers are certified organic by Biogro, Agriquality or OFNZ. We became a certified organic wholesaler in 1999. 

What is your product range like?

Organic produce availability is dictated by the seasons and Our range reflects that.

Can you import organics into NZ?

We have a limited import program as most produce gets fumigated upon arrival in NZ. We bring in onions, garlic and some apples in November and December  due to consumer demand.

What is the premium for organics?

Organic premium varies from product to product and depends on cost of production. Some products cost of production is only 10% higher than conventional while some others can be up to 200% the cost of conventional production.

Are your products locally grown?

98% of our organic produce is grown in NZ. We tend to supply the North Island with produce from North island growers, and the South Island markets with produce from South Island growers, although there is an overlap due to the geographic distribution of some crops.